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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dirty Domination

The NZ Music Commission kicked off NZ Music Month early with an industry party last night in honor of all the NZ number one records of the decade '00 - '10, with Dirty dominating and P-Money getting props for his production prowess, having a hand in 4 of the 10 top singles(Stand Up, Not Many, Everything & Stop The Music).

Of the Top Ten biggest selling NZ singles in the last decade, our little indie label Dirty Records has had four of them, highlighted in the list below. That's 40% of the biggest selling singles in NZ since 2000 (Dirty Records started in '01), a huge feat for any independent label!

1. They Can't Take That Away - Ben Lummis SonyMusic *
2. Always On My Mind - Tiki Taane DirtyDub/DRM *
3. Stand Up / Not Many - Scribe Dirty/Warner *
4. Brother - Smashproof feat. Gin MTC/Universal *
5. Black Box - Stan Walker SonyMusic *
6. One Day - OpShop Siren/174East *
7. Everything P-Money feat. Vince Harder - Dirty/DRM *
8. Bathe In The River - Mt Raskil PS feat. Hollie Smith EMI *
9. Stop The Music - P-Money feat. Scribe Dirty/Warner *
10. Swing - Savage DawnRaid/Universal *

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