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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Tunes... and lots of them

We've got a few new bits and pieces for you being released today! For your buying pleasure...

First up we have Tiki's Remix Album, Flux.

Featuring a raft of fabulous producers remixing the classic tunes from Past, Present, Future. Available from itunes, Amplifier, Telecom, Vodafone and Digirama, along with all music retail stores if you prefer your music packaged on a disc within a jewel case...

Next up is David Dallas's follow up to the amazing 'Indulge Me', he returns with 'Big Time', a great take on following your dreams. You can listen to Dave performing it live on the Flava Live Sessions for a preview of the tune here, if you need to try before you buy :0)

Get it here or here plus on your phones of course.

And last but far from least is Isaac Aesili's second single, the saucily titled 'With You In My Bed', featuring the dulcet tones of young miss Aaradhna.

Buy it here or here

Much to cheer you up on a dreary Monday afternoon!

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