PNC - Let Your Lover Know feat. The Checks

Monday, February 2, 2009

Turning Back The Clock # 3

Its been a bit of a PNC day, I got this morning a demo of his newest tune and also spent some time watching a doco that one of his close friends recently made about his career so far.

So in keeping with the apparent theme of the day I thought that it was fitting to make Sam the focus of today's turning back of time.

I was watching in the doco the 3,2,1 Remix video and the three of them (P Money, PNC and David Dallas) all look so young! Its great to look back and watch the evolution of these artists and how much they have done so far.

Here anyway to remind you of days gone by, is PNC's first solo single proper for Dirty Records, 'Just Roll'. Fabulous video done for us by Oscar Kightley and featuring PNC, P-Money and the Raptor paying homage to some of PNC's favourite artists.

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