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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How good!!

So this has nothing to do with our Dirty Management artists but was exciting enough that i had to post it... (apart from Matty Concord's addiction to it which has seen him buy all the figurines that you can get. They talk as well when you place them in the scenes they come with... my favourite being Ralph who says "They taste like burning"... best line ever.)

For the first time in The Simpson's 19 year history, the main title opening sequence has had a revamp.
From Fox:
“The Simpsons” is finally going HD — and, in what some fans might consider an even bigger development, getting a new opening title sequence as well … The network actually made a low-key announcement of the news late last month, casually mentioning the developments as part of its episodic listings of various shows. According to Fox, Sunday’s “Simpsons”—entitled “Take My Life, Please”—will include the first full, permanent revamp of the show’s opening titles since its premiere in 1989. The last few seconds of the title sequence have long featured a different weekly “couch gag.” Fox also airs both a full-length and an abbreviated version of the credits.

Check it out here:

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