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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We heart Kanye

We knew it was always going to be good, after all Scribe was supporting ;0)... and he got the boys up on stage to do the Everything Rap Remix, outstanding.

Nas followed on and my partner can now die happy having seen Nas perform most of Illmatic live. By this stage the Vector had filled up a lot more... I was a little concerned yesterday having heard rumours that they were selling tickets 2 for 1 to try and sell it out for the main event.
Whether that was true or not, Kanye should sell out every stadium he goes to. The man is just a medley of giant hits... I didn't stop to think about just how many but every track was a blinder and he has his performance down to a polished art.
I was hoping he might have a Jamie Foxx, or an Estelle, or perferably a Shirley Bassey as a guest on stage, but to no avail ;0)

Anyway he was totally fabulous. If you live in Wellington and don't have a ticket for tonight, get in there fast, he is well worth every dollar.

In homage, here is the Daft Hands video. Its been viewed 26 million times so far... so you've probably all seen it, but here it is again, clever:

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