PNC - Let Your Lover Know feat. The Checks

Thursday, November 27, 2008

For all those impatiently waiting

For Mr Dallas's new tunes, the wait is nearly over...

The boys have been hard at work in the studio cooking up a little something.

On December 8th a tide-you-over EP called 'Something Now' will be released digitally to all you lucky sods via itunes. The following week it will be available on our other digital partners; Amplifier, Digirama, Vodafone and Telecom.
The title is a take on Dave's upcoming solo debut album, 'Something Awesome', which will be released in mid 2009.

The 'Something Now' EP will feature the following tracklisting:
1. Get Out The Way
2. Hey Bro
3. All On My Own featuring Tolu
4. Ever Ever
5. Don't Know What To Do
6. Oooh Yeah featuring Mareko
7. Get Out The Way Remix featuring Mr Sicc & Tek from R.E.S

Write the date in your diaries and when the 8th comes along, take yourself along to amplifier and purchase...

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