PNC - Let Your Lover Know feat. The Checks

Monday, November 3, 2008

Australia loves Pedro also, and Bulletproof's video looks outstanding....

In fact they love him so much that he is the # 1 Most Added track at Australian radio this week.

Their take on it was:
"P Money can do no wrong with his infectious new rappin' dance track, Everything - its twisting, twirling hooks have made radio froth at the mouth after the NOVA network handed out a nationwide addition and the ACE FM network got behind it too. Add the Edge96.ONE plus a string of regional additions and it was an easy win for the NZ born DJ. Everything zoomed up the Kiwi charts to reach the top spot and was the most played tune on NZ airwaves and it looks set to do much the same on Aussie shores. This is a killer track so expect to see even more momentum in the coming weeks!"

Some more news for today is the first screenshots we've seen of Bulletproof's video, 'Dark Times', featuring Tiki. Looks like we'll be having a video release party for this in early December, we'll keep you updated on that, but in the meantime here's a sneaky peek:

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