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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Turning Back The Clock # 1

First up is State Of Mind, because i currently have a screen capture of their new video as my desktop and its causing me all sorts of excitement about what the finished product will be like.
The guys only have one video so far of their tunes, and its for the immaculate 'Sunking'. Definitely the crowd favourite whenever the guys play it.

The video was made for us by Aleks Sakowski aka boy wonder who created an amazing stop motion animation story to go with the tune.
In terms of stop motion you can't go past Tim Burton's Corpse Bride for a full length feature but Aleks is definitely up there with his Tool inspired take on Sunking.
Check it out here:

Aleks is in the driving seat again for the second video, which comes from their second album, due out in March. The track is called Silver Surfer and I'd try and explain the concept to you but as its a tad complex I'll do it no justice at all so you'll just have to wait and see. It will be debuted on Wednesday 5th November on C4's Select Live, at about 5pm.

If you want to see Silver Surfer live and you live near Christchurch (or are willing to fly there....) then Southern Amp Festival 08 is the one - on Sunday 9th November at the Westpac Arena. State Of Mind, Concord Dawn and Tiki DJ/MC are all playing. Along with a host of others of course... should be a great day.

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