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Monday, October 13, 2008

And Scribe makes it 5.... years in a row!

A little late on this one as I took Thursday and Friday off, but huge congratulations to our to winners on the night, Tiki for Best Aotearoa Roots album and Scribe for Best Hip Hop Album!
Both also wowed the crowd with incredible performances on the night. Tiki opened up with Te Pou O Mangatawhiri and the Shifters boys with a totally stunning version of 'Tangaroa'. Scribe followed up later with 'Say It Again' with Tyra Hammond and the Opensouls.
A very fun night had by all! And an amazing achievement by Dirty Records taking out the Best Hip Hop album for the fifth year in a row!!! Scribe's Rhymebook following in the footsteps of P-Money's 'Magic City', Scribe's 'The Crusader', Frontline's 'Borrowed Time' and PNC's 'Rookie Card'.
Excellent work gentlemen!

Some photo's of the evening are below:

Fabulous night had!

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