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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We like....

Feeling the love... from Mr Duncan Grieve, editor of Real Groove Magazine.

Apparently 'Take Me Home' is Duncan's local single of the year! Of course we knew that (along with a few others... of ours....haha) but since we're a tad biased its nice to hear it from others.

"I’m gonna be playing this for months so gonna push it again. This is my local single of the year by far, a beat and a rap which need no apologies, and stand up to anything from anywhere right now. Now it has a clip to match, B&W faux-sophistication that is more OMD than OMC.

PNC runs a beautiful, rolling cadence on Take Me Home, sounding all businesslike as he recounts this tale of an illicit romance that ran on a little long, with all the detachment the situation requires.

When he first posted it he called it “the most comprehensive reflection of the shit I actually listen to”, and it kinda sounds like a New Zealand hip hop artist breaking free - rather than obeying these hidden laws that keep the local music credible, but a little safe, he’s going big, having fun, spending as much time on the chorus as the verses. It pays off big time.

The hook, with its call and response contrast between the eager female begging “take me home” and the vocodered-to-infinity “well I don’t want you in my life now” is pure ’80s Miami, sun-bleached and empty, and 41’s production gleams like a Countach (see below), all sharp angles and crystalline surfaces

Check out more at Duncan's blog,

If you're of similar opinion to Mr Grieve and you live in the general vicinity of Wellington then perhaps its best if you head down on October 25th to Super Club, at Shooters. It'll be hip-hop madness with PNC and Dave Dallas both playing live along with a veritable who's who of NZ talent.

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