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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Juice TV Awards

Tomorrow night the dirty crew will head off to the Stamford Plaza for the 8th annual Juice TV Awards.

We're up for a few, hopefully you all got in and voted before voting closed...
These are the trophies we could walk away with:

Best Solo Video: Tiki; 'Always On My Mind'

Best Hip-Hop Video: two possibilities here... PNC featuring Chong Nee; 'Find Me', and Scribe featuring Tyra Hammond; 'Say It Again'

Best Roots / Electronica Video: Tiki featuring Julia Deans; 'Our Favourite Target'

Video Artist Of The Year: Tiki

Telecom Top Video: 48May; 'Car Crash Weather'

Juice are broadcasting the awards live from 7pm tomorrow night, on Juice TV... strangely check it out and clap loudly if we win.

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